Welcome to Prestige Center

Leading Course Center in the field of Professional and German Language Courses

Who we are

Prestige Center of courses was created with the aim of making a difference in the field of foreign language learning. It is distinguished by professional staff, with qualifications at home and abroad as well as providing high quality study experience. We prepare tomorrow's leaders professionally.

Our vision relates to the details as we continually pursue excellence. We want to build a common understanding environment where each trainee, through study, embraces a community-based perspective on community living, sharing benefits, responsibilities, and sacrifices.

  • We have the right experience and a professional staff
  • Quality service and utmost dedication
  • Open communication and constant care


To prepare students to be successful in their choice. To help trainees improve their foreign language communication skills by providing high quality teaching in an environment where everyone is respected, actively engaged in study, and oriented towards success.

Study programs are supported by our lecturers to make lectures understandable and accessible to anyone. Each training or course is designed to allow the trainees to be able to put the knowledge they receive into practice in the environment around them. Each of them should be pleased about the investment he has made.

  • Avant-garde in technology with an interactive program
  • Positive atmosphere during the lesions
  • Learning through German curricula

Prestige Center Staff

Meet the talented individuals who energize our center.

Goldvin Veliu

Administrator & Technical Leader

Ardita Veliu

Professor of German Language

Astrit Demiraj

Marketing & PR Trainer

Anila Shehu

Professor of German Language

Why be your first choice?

Our staff members are very friendly, they are always smiling and ready to help you. What's more, we make sure you enjoy your study time with us. Most importantly, teachers are dedicated, qualified, and experienced. Learning takes place in a fun and interactive way. Our teachers take into account the needs of their students. They are available to provide individual support throughout your course.

  • Our study programs maximize your progress.
  • We offer high quality teaching at a competitive price.